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by fontaine publishing group, australia

w e are a family-owned team of  Australian book publishing professionals who know how to succeed with digital publishing and to put your best foot forward in an overcrowded marketplace.

Australia's  longest serving and most highly rated publishing services company, since 2006  Fontaine has created successful digital book publishing solutions for 1,000+ independent authors, small and large businesses and organisations (read some reviews here). 

Our experienced digital publishing consultants can help you tell your story, transitioning your content seamlessly across to the new exciting world of ebooks, and made available for sale worldwide. Whether you want to retail your individual ebook via our global distribution channels, or convert your entire back-list of paperback titles, we have a suitable solution for you or your company. You write the book—we’ll expertly convert and distribute your ebook worldwide to Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Booktopia Australia, and many others - leaving you to work on book promotion and to write your next one.

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Your Microsoft® WORD manuscript or PDF converted into multiple eBook formats and distributed worldwide to all of the most popular eBook retailers for immediate purchase and download.

Lovingly hand-coded expert ebook conversion.
Worldwide distribution to all the most popular retailers.
Monthly updates of all collated sales reported.
100% of all rights, owned by you, always.

ebook publishing
Fontaine Publishing Group specialises in print and digital publishing solutions for emerging and independent authors, small and large businesses, government and organisations. Fontaine also 're-births' published authors' out-of-print paperback titles.

e-book advantages over physical books

    • Text can be searched and cross-referenced using hyperlinks, making the e-book format ideal for works that benefit from such functions
    • Less physical space is required to store e-books, and thousands of books may be stored on a single device
    • e-books can be offered indefinitely, with no going 'out of print'
    • Readers who have difficulty reading printed books can benefit from the adjustment of text size and font face
    • An e-book can be comfortable to hold because it need not be held open like a physical book and can also be set down and read without needing to be held
    • Ease of distributing e-texts means that they can be used to stimulate higher sales compared to printed copies of books
    • E-books can often be purchased from reading devices themselves  (24/7) and do not require one to visit a bookstore to obtain
    • The production of e-books does not consume the paper, ink, and other resources that are used to produce print books.

some of our publishing statistics

years, since 2006

we have been in the business of supplying successful digital publishing solutions to Australian content-creators; indy authors, businesses and organisations.

thousand plus ebooks sold

Published and distributed by us, accounting for many thousands of books sales, earnt by our ever increasing family of ebook authors.

+ authors published

so far. Includes those from the education, medical, business, charitable, music, movie and political arenas.

+ million printed pages published

over the last seventeen years. Yes, we are also traditional trade book publishers. Benefit from our wider book publishing experience and perspective.

ebook Services

We offer expert ebook services tailored to your requirements

hand-coded conversion

We’ll handle the process of creating a great looking ebook from your manuscript. Lovingly hand-coded by our expert ebook technicians. Send us your Word Document, PDFs, or InDesign files to get started.

Friendly 1-on-1 Service

Our dedicated ebook consultants work with you personally to deliver the most suitable ebook publishing solution to meet your publishing objectives.

global distribution

The widest distribution retailing network available, including Amazon, Apple iBookstore, KOBO and many others. We provide you with an ISBN and monthly updated sales reporting.

sales dashboard

Bi-monthly updated sales reported on your private online Sales Dashboard. The royalty of 75% of net receipts paid when you want, directly into your Australian bank account.

expert styling

Your ebook that renders properly across a variety of eReaders and mobile devices, preserving an excellent experience no matter what your readers use.

email / phone support

Publishing with Fontaine Publishing Group means you have a direct line of correspondence to our local publishing experts.   


Ask us about Audio Book narration and publishing opportunities.

ebook cover design

Our professional designers will create a suitably eye-catching cover design, essential to stand-out in a saturated marketplace.

author web page

We create a dedicated webpage for your book to promote and have direct links to purchase. Directing all your target market to this webpage will reap benefits.

Paperback edition

We can convert your manuscript into a paperback edition available from Amazon. If your ebook sells 750+ units, you will qualify for distribution of a paperback edition at no cost to you. Click here for further details.

ongoing costs?

After the first fee-free year, you can choose to renew annually; there is a $99 annual fee to maintain retailer distribution.

ebook packages

we have a ebook publishing solution to suit all budgets*

ebook Professional
$25.9 $ Contact Us
  • Full ebook conversion
  • Supply .epub and .mobi files
    'Bestseller' Cover Design
  •  Global
                      DistributionGlobal ebook Distribution
  • Dedicated ebook webpage
ebook Pro-PLUS-Paperback
$25.9 $ Contact us
  • Professional Package +
  • + 'Bestseller' blurb and author bio
  • + Print-on-demand (POD) set-up
  • + POD Global
                      DistributionGlobal distribution
custom / corporate
$35.9 $ Contact us
  • Fully bespoke ebook publishing solutions.  This includes fixed-layout ebooks suitable for childrens books, audio-enhanced ebooks,  and image and formatting heavy conversion of existing titles.

    Contact us with your requirements and we will supply available options and a firm quotation.

* PDF files, footnotes, extensive contents page and wordcount, multiple images and other extra elements  may incur a small additional cost, contact us with details for a firm upfront quote with no hidden costs.

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